Michael Joyce

Co-executive director

514 343 6111 Ext. 42678

Currently pursuingPhD in criminology focusing on cybercrime prevention, Michael is co-director of the Network. He contributes to the strategic development of Serene-risc's activities with Fyscillia and he is in charge of knowledge mobilization activities such as Cybersec 101 and the Digest. Michael has been working on knowledge mobilization in cybersecurity and cybercrime in Canada and abroad since 2011.

Fyscillia Ream

Co-executive director

514 343 6536

Graduated with a Master's degree in Criminology Fyscillia is co-director of Serene-risc. In collaboration with the Board of Directors and the co-director, she coordinates the development of the Network and supervises the administrative team. In addition to these responsibilities, Fyscillia is also the Scientific Coordinator of the Research Chair in Cybercrime Prevention.

Virginie Dufour


514 343 6111 poste 5639

Virginie is in charge of the administrative management of the network and ensures the coordination of Serene-risc's activities. She organizes the various events such as the annual workshop and ensures the internal operations of the Network. Before joining the team, Virginie worked at the University of Montreal and in the cultural sector.

Clémence Rampillon

Communications Advisor

514 343 6111 poste 41015

Clémence is responsible for Serene-risc's communication activities. She is in charge of writing and managing content for the website, social networks, newsletter and other media supports. Clemence is graduated with a Master Degree in Science communication. Do not hesitate to contact Clémence for any information about the Network or for interviews. 

Louis Couderc

Digital Media Assistant


Louis is an undergraduate in cinema studies at the Université de Montréal. He is in charge of the video content for the Network. He produces audiovisual productions for Serene-risc's Youtube channel and its various platforms. He also contributes in the Network's major events.


Raphaël Hoarau

Digital Media Assistant


Raphaël Hoarau is an undergraduate in cinema studies at the Université de Montréal. He draws on his experience to create consistent video content while reflecting on the evolution of his artistic approach. Displaying a firm grasp of every aspect of multimedia production, Raphaël always seeks to refine and enrich SERENE-RISC’s audiovisual content.