The SERENE-RISC Digest is a distillation of research related to the securing and strengthening of Canadian cyberspace. It provides an update on academic research that can be understood at a glance, a skim or a quick read depending on your need.

The SERENE-RISC Digest provides answers to questions provided by the latest research. These answers are expanded in briefs that can be understood in 2 minutes. A ‘1-pager’ summary for each article follows to provide greater detail on the research and its outcomes. Each of these pages finishes with a very short take away message.

This document is provided quarterly to SERENE-RISC members electronically (in PDF). Please fill out the membership application, if you have not already done so, to be a part of the membership group and receive this document on a regular basis to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity research in Canada and around the world.


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Volume 3

         Issue 2                Issue 1

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Volume 2

            Issue 4                Issue 3                    Issue 2                    Issue 1

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Volume 1

    Spring 2017                 

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    Autumn 2016        Summer 2016         Spring 2016

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    Autumn 2015        Summer 2015         Spring 2015

digest-autumn-2015.jpg (thumb - 200 x 200 free)  Summer 2015 Digest  Spring Digest 2015


     Winter 2014          Autumn 2014

Winter 2014 Digest  Autumn 2014 Digest