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Network with others working in cybersecurity, access internationally recognized research and researchers, participate in interactive workshops, contribute and review current and relevant literature, discover professional development opportunities…these are just a few of the opportunities and benefits of membership in SERENE-RISC. 

Check out what our members are saying. …the wealth of experience and dynamic academic, governance and administrative teams that you have assembled enhance our interest…I was particularly impressed by the success of the launch in May 2014 and the topics and level of the speakers attracted to the first two workshopappreciate the inclusive and open approach …received relevant information in cybersecurity, and…able to connect with others working in the cybersecurity space, are just a few comments received to date.

The vision of the Network is to be a cybersecurity information exchange, recognized as an open, inclusive and unbiased forum to unlock the value of knowledge on cybersecurity risks, threats and solutions for all Canadians.

We invite you to join SERENE-RISC today to benefit from, and contribute to, the vision.

Criteria and Benefits

The chart that follows outlines the criteria of the five membership categories and the benefits aligned with each category.  Whether your organization is interested in the full benefits of ‘Network Partner’, or you are a researcher working in cybersecurity, a graduate student looking for professional development opportunities, or a cybersecurity consultant looking to connect with others in the field, we have a membership that is suited to your needs.  To apply, please download the application form at the bottom of this page, and don’t hesitate to contact SERENE-RISC if you require additional information.

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Please note that you can also download the Membership Application Form (PDF) and return it by e-mail to or by mail.


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