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Network with others working in cybersecurity, access internationally recognized research and researchers, participate in interactive workshops, contribute and review current and relevant literature, discover professional development opportunities…these are just a few of the opportunities and benefits of being a member at SERENE-RISC. 

A few comments from our members:

“Thank you! One of the best workshop I have attended!”

“Thank you everyone at SERENE-RISC for putting together great conferences. Looking forward to next year.”

-comments from our 2018 Workshop in Gatineau, published on Twitter.

SERENE-RISC is an evidence-based, unbiased, inclusive and engaging cybersecurity information platform that publicizes and showcases research knowledge, threats, threats and solutions to cybersecurity.

We invite you to join SERENE -RISC today so you can benefit from this vision!

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The following table outlines the criteria for the five categories of membership and the benefits for each. Whether your organization is interested in all the benefits of the Network Partner category, or whether you are a cybersecurity researcher, a graduate student looking for professional development opportunities, a consultant in the field of cybersecurity or wishing to develop its network of contacts in the field, we have a category of member adapted to your needs.

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