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Why would someone sell drugs on the darknet? Where do over 65s get their cybersecurity information? Can we know what the Tor network is actually used for? Find out more about the latest research in cybersecurity and cybercrime in this new issue of the Digest. 

The Serene-risc Digest provides answers to questions provided by the latest research. These answers are expanded in briefs that can be understood in 2 minutes. A ‘1-pager’ summary for each article follows to provide greater detail on the research and its outcomes. Each of these pages finishes with a concise takeaway message.

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Topics of this issue : 

1. Do larger collections of child abuse material lead to longer sentences?

2. Are people good at picking memorable passwords?

3. What types of attacks could compromise a 911 Emergency call infrastructure?

4. What are the attributes of the most effective telephone scams?

5. Can Bitcoin exchange addresses be identified in a transaction network?

6. Do psychological differences make some people more vulnerable to being deceived online?

7. Does the law protect the use of platform data to serve the public interest?

8. Are the sensitive data used to train deep learning algorithms safe from attacks?

9. What is the reality of how system administrators manage software updates?

10. Who is using the Tor network, and how?

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