Cybersecurity Tips

Computer health

With a little care, your computer will work better and help keep you safer online. Here are five tips to keep your computer healthy and secure.


Hackers can often crack a 9-character password in less than a minute. Click here to learn how you can enhance your first line of defence against hackers.

Good habits

Good habits help us stay healthy and safe in real life and online. Follow these recommendations to get the best from your machine and maximize your chance of being safe online.

Mobile devices

Just like your computer and any Internet connected devices, your smartphone can be targeted by malware and bad actors.

Online Banking

Online banking is convenient and can save you time. The following tips will help you benefit from online banking without the risk of being prey to thieves and fraudsters.

Online shopping

Online shopping can be very convenient. Click here to know how to stay safe while shopping on the Internet.


Business and leisure travellers are often unknowingly at risk when they go online. Here are five hints to ensure a cyber safe trip.


On the bus or at the coffee shop, Wi-Fi can be very convenient but it is rarely secure and can put your data at risk. 


Email is an easy way of sharing information. That’s why it is such an attractive target for cyber criminals.


Beware of fake emails and websites that tempt you into sharing personal information.


The cloud, the web, social media, mobile apps—all of them want our information. Not all of them protect it well.

Social media

Social media has revolutionized how we connect and what we share—often without warning us of the consequences.