Four key activities

The Network organizes four main activities designed to reach its different audiences: the annual workshop; Quarterly Knowledge Digest; Konnect, an online knowledge sharing platform; and professional development and liaison programs.


Once a year, SERENE-RISC organizes a workshop featuring world-renowned experts from academia, industry or government agencies to discuss and debate current cybersecurity issues.

This workshop is a unique opportunity for participants to enrich their networks. It also brings together researchers from different disciplines, knowledge users and professionals from the public and private sectors.

To learn more about this annual event organized by SERENE-RISC, visit the Workshop section.

Quarterly Knowledge Digest

One of SERENE-RISC's main proposals and contributions is to assist Canadian policy makers in cybersecurity to identify, in the body of advice available, what is evidence-based and more likely to produce positive results. The Digest summarizes research findings from Canadian and international literature, assessing the effectiveness of cybersecurity strategies and practices. It saves the reader time, allowing him to quickly and easily find out about a wide variety of searches.

Konnect: the online knowledge-sharing platform

Konnect is a blog that facilitates the sharing of information related to cybersecurity. This blog provides better access to research, presentations, groups, opinions and important events related to cybersecurity in Canada. Konnect brings together the academic, private and public sectors by providing summaries of scientific articles and information related to regional, national and international cybersecurity initiatives.

Professional Development and Liaison Program

In order to promote expertise in knowledge mobilization in various sectors of the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem and to strengthen collaborative links between its members, SERENE-RISC offers a professional development and liaison program, including a network for women "We are cyber."

This professional development and liaison program is particularly relevant for graduate students and government and private sector employees at the beginning of their careers. Participants in the liaison program are seconded from their public, private or non-profit organization to the SERENE-RISC team in Montreal for a period of one month to one year.

The successful candidates work on cybersecurity awareness and networking initiatives to support SERENE-RISC projects.

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