Two new SERENE-RISC projects receive funding

SERENE-RISC is very pleased to announce that two project proposals submitted to Public Safety Canada for funding have been approved. Working is well underway on the projects.

The first project includes the development of training and tools to enable libraries and community centres across Canada to provide instruction to the public on the best evidence-based practices for staying safe and secure online. Through this effort, SERENE-RISC hopes to augment the existing training tools provided by these centres with train-the-trainer sessions, classroom materials and online-learning support media and tools.

The second project will support SERENE-RISC to increase the number of user licences on Konnect, the online knowledge-sharing platform. The Network will hire a part-time platform moderator who will contribute to the growth of the community by supporting members, organizing training sessions and more. This project will certainly offer a significant boost to the Konnect online community and to the platform knowledge base that now includes more than 500 posts.