Review: The Cybersecurity Revolution 2021

More than 1070 people attended the 4th edition of Cybersecurity Revolution (SECREV), which took place online on May 21, 2021. Hosted by Serene-risc in partnership with 12 organizations from around the world, this event brings together researchers, organizations and cybersecurity enthusiasts for 24 hours of conferences.

The SECREV 2021 featured more than 100 speakers from 22 countries presenting their research on cybersecurity and cybercrime. This year, the 24 hour event broadcast two distinct tracks: conferences live from the website and premiere talks on the Youtube channel of Serene-risc. Many topics were covered, including online disinformation, artificial intelligence in the fight against cybercrime, critical infrastructure cybersecurity issues, the human factor in cybersecurity, digital forensics and cyber victimization.

As well as stimulating international cooperation and encouraging interactions between research groups, the Cybersecurity Revolution is an event that aims to increase the volume of accessible video content openly available online. More than 29 hours of content were captured by the end of the day and will soon be available at the Serene-risc YouTube Channel.

The event also highlighted the work of masters and post-doctoral students.

This 4th edition of the Cybersecurity Revolution showed the importance of virtual methods for international cooperation in the academic sector in and beyond the context of the pandemic.

*Co-organizers: Sungkyunkwan University, University of Adelaide, Monash University, The Federmann Cyber Security Center, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, University of Cambridge, University of New Brunswick, Université de Montréal, Carleton University, Simon Fraser University, Michigan State University, Tanque de Ciberpensamiento (TCP-IP).


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