New international collaborator

SERENE-RISC establishes a new partnership with F-CCENTRE


On January 23rd, SERENE-RISC scientific director, Benoît Dupont, was in Lille (France) to sign an international collaboration agreement with the French Expert Centre Against Cybercrime (F-CCENTRE).

This new partnership will enable the two groups to accelerate the pooling of awareness-raising tools, implement joint research projects and intensify student exchanges between France and Canada.

“F-CCENTRE and SERENE-RISC both contribute to the fight against cybercrime. Faced with a growing global threat, the creation of a collaboration agreement between the two organizations will allow a more effective fight against cybercrime and its related issues that transcend borders," said Eric Freyssinet, secretary of F-CCENTRE.

“With this partnership, SERENE-RISC is continuing to develop its network of international collaborators to optimize the deployment and enhancement of leading edge knowledge that both help increase cybersecurity and reduce the consequences of online threats," added SERENE-RISC scientific director, Benoît Dupont.

With goals similar to SERENE-RISC, F-CCENTRE is an association in France that includes a community of public, private and academic partners enabling them to network and discuss opportunities to develop projects that will contribute to the training, education and research in the fight against cybercrime. This is a natural collaboration that will benefit communities in both France and Canada.