Don't miss this event : Cybersecurity Revolution 2018

SERENE-RISC is proud to present you the Security Revolution 2018 event that will be held May 31st. As a global community of researchers, working together to find a way that we can make the Internet safe for everyone is not always easy. Researchers are spread out across the world and it is very difficult and expensive to bring them together.

At SERENE-RISC, we understand this huge constraint and want to help. On May 31st, together we are going to make use of the growing power of online media platforms and their ability to broadcast live video and facilitate massive discussions. The goal of this effort is to provide a near zero cost opportunity for international collaboration and to road test a new format. Coordinated series of presentations from universities and organizations around the world will follow the sun for over 24 hours. This “round the clock around the world” event will bring together researchers from ten countries for one revolution of the planet.

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You will find all the Youtube streams on that website.
We hope you join us !