Data Privacy Day 2020

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, a day in which organizations around the world annually participate in initiatives to raise awareness around technology and privacy rights, including best practices for safeguarding personal information. 

As a knowledge mobilization network, Serene-risc has developed many tools and resources to improve the general public’s awareness of cybersecurity risks and to empower all to reduce those risks through knowledge. The Network is using knowledge mobilization, a technique that involves moving knowledge from where it was created to where it can be used, strengthening connections among research, policy and practice. The Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity to (re)discover and to share our tools in your community : 

Explore and share our Cybersecurity tips! These tips have been designed to share simple and actionable advice about data protection and cybersecurity. 

Learn more with This platform provides resources, tools and interactive multimedia support for community leaders to enable cybersecurity awareness, education and training programs for the general public. With the support of our partners, we have developed evidence-based resources to enable trainers to provide the understanding and best practices needed for the public to take control of their online safety.

Contribute to Konnect is a place to share information from the Academic, Government and Private sectors of the Canadian effort for cybersecurity to improve understanding and increase knowledge for all.  It represents a repository of research and ideas from all disciplines that are pertinent to ensuring a resilient and secure Canadian Cyberspace.

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