Cybersecurity Revolution 2020

#SECREV2020 is 24-hour event which brings together cybersecurity researchers, organizations and enthusiasts from around the world through a series of live YouTube broadcasts spanning the world.

This year #SECREV2020 will take place on May 20, 2020 and will be broadcast live on Serene-risc's Youtube channel.

This unique event aims to:

  • Provide a near zero cost event to recue barriers to international collaborations between researchers.

  • Promote the exchange of cybersecurity findings and perspectives.

  • Reach out to and engage new audiences curious about cybersecurity.

More than 20 researchers from 10 different countries will present their work on cybersecurity and cybercrime online. The program is available online at

Interested in joining the Cybersecurity Revolution with a presentation of your own? Contact us

SECREV 2020 is set to include presentations from:

The CyberAcademy at Napier University in Scotland; NSCR and the Hague University in the Netherlands; the Université de Montréal; Seneca College; the Montreal campus of the University of Quebec (UQAM); the University of British Colombia, in Canada; the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, among others.