A new format for the Cybersecurity Digest

Are you looking for accessible information on cybersecurity research? Do you want to know the latest findings on a particular topic? You don't have much time to do your research! Then, the new format of the Cybersecurity Digest is for you!

Cybersecurity Digest has been providing popularized summaries of recent cybersecurity and cybercrime research since 2014. This publication provides an update on academic research that can be understood at a glance, by reading a short text of a few lines or as a quick summary.

Originally published as a PDF containing ten research summaries, Digest's new digital format is even more adapted to your needs. You can now browse through the collection of more than 160 research summaries via an article-by-article digital interface. The keyword search tool allows you to target your searches and create customized digital PDFs based on your interests.


Access the new version of the Cybersecurity Digest here.