SERENE-RISC Fall 2016 Workshop

Ottawa (Ontario)
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 8:00 AM to Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 14:30 PM

Speakers will include:


Ray Boisvert

HK Strategies


Allen Dillon



Bob Gordon

Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange


Dina Kamal

Deloitte & Touche


Dave McMahon

ADGA Group


David Mussington

University of Maryland and Centre for International Governance Innovation


Sylvain Perras

Ville de Montréal


Raheel Qureshi

Thales Canada


Gilbert Sabat

Region of Peel


Michael Whitt

Bennett Jones



This Workshop, in collaboration with the Institute for Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, will propose an array of perspectives on where and why cybersecurity governance is working, where and why it might work better, as well as comparative lessons that may be drawn from different jurisdictions, sectors, and international comparison.

While transnational cybersecurity governance – on which an emerging literature exists – is not the primary aim of this conference, the global domain nonetheless offers interesting lessons on collection action problems and how to overcome them.

The Workshop will also take up issues of jurisdiction and subsidiarity: on cybersecurity, what are the constitutional responsibilities of each level of government, is the principle of subsidiarity being followed and, if not, what would be the advantages and drawbacks of doing so? The discussion on subsidiarity will cover legal, operational, and fiscal dimensions.

Finally, the workshop will also draw on lessons from comparable policy fields with many more decades of experience tackling analogous problems, notably sustainability and environmental governance, to explore what lessons may be transferrable to cybersecurity.