2019 SERENE-RISC Workshop

2019 SERENE-RISC Workshop:
The state of Canadian cybersecurity conference – 
Raising awareness and preventing cybercrime

When: October 23-24, 2019
Where: University of Ottawa (Ontario): Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland St., Ottawa

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The SERENE-RISC Workshop gives the floor to researchers, professionals and decision-makers from industry, government and academia, providing the latest advances in Canadian cybersecurity knowledge, technologies, practices and policies. This year, a special emphasis will be placed on public awareness initiatives and cybercrime prevention. 

The two-day workshop will bring together stakeholders and communities that usually understand and approach cybersecurity from very different angles, fostering new perspectives, connections and collaborations that might not have been considered otherwise.

It will also provide excellent networking opportunities for academics and students in the fields of computer science and social sciences (psychology, political science, etc.) and others (law, business and finance, etc.), as well as professionals from NGOs and public and private sectors.

The workshop program and speakers will be unveiled soon.