SECREV 2019 set for September 4-5

SECREV 2019 set for September 4-5

SECREV is 24-hour event which brings together cybersecurity researchers, organizations and enthusiasts from around the world through a series of live YouTube broadcasts spanning the world.

SECREV, a contraction from the words “cybersecurity” and “revolution”, starts in Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 4 at 9 a.m. local time and will feature successively live coordinated cybersecurity presentations from universities and organizations following the sun for over 24 hours.  

This unique event aims to:

  • Provide a near zero cost event to recue barriers to international collaborations between researchers.
  • Promote the exchange of cybersecurity findings and perspectives.
  • Reach out to and engage new audiences curious about cybersecurity.

Interested in joining the Cybersecurity Revolution with a presentation of your own? Contact Michael Joyce for all the details.

SECREV 2019 is set to include presentations from:

The CyberAcademy at Napier University in Scotland; NSCR and the Hague University in the Netherlands; the Université de Montréal; Seneca College; the Montreal campus of the University of Quebec (UQAM); the University of British Colombia, in Canada; the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, among others.       

See the complete SECREV 2019 program and all the presentations.