Students can now apply for a competition aimed at popularizing cybersecurity and cybercrime statistics

Canadian graduate students in criminology, cybersecurity, marketing, statistics, computer science, or any field linked to cybersecurity, are invited to apply to enter a two-day poster competition using data from Statistics Canada’s 2017 Canadian Survey of Cyber ​​Security and Cybercrime. 

Students are expected to thoroughly examine the data and derive useful awareness messages or lessons for enterprises. The competition aims to better align recent evidence and statistics with best practices for business and have the students present their ideas on the matter in the form of posters.

The competition, which carries a prize of $1,000 for the winning team, will be held August 29-30 in Montreal as part of the 15th annual GoSec Conference organized by GoSecure

This will provide a great opportunity to meet and network with leaders in the field of cybersecurity and team up with graduates from different horizons.  

Applications (resumé with a short letter of intent), along with additional questions or inquiries, must be sent to before May 31, 2019. SERENE-RISC will cover accommodation and travel expenditures of successful applicants not living in the Montreal area.